You Wanted The Best and You Got the Best! The Hottest Band in the World!

The Hottest Band In The World
Smoke as far as the eye can seee. You can feel the tension in the air THE CURTAIN
70 foot drape with an enormous KISS logo in silver tension builds and then it builds a little more and then the draped wall comes down and They Attacked From The Sky
there is leather, spikes, make up, hair, what looks like weapons at first ,,, but upon closer inspection they are the instruments these monsters of rock will use to slay each and every one of us!The Fire   The Heat   The Smoke  The Rock!
And then they unleashed the weapons!
THe Flames Shot Up!     The BASS SHOT OUT!
They were freinds … friends who were lost …     looking to Rock Detroit Rock City!The deranged Knight with AXE in hand!
The screams!     The wailing guitar     the piercing voice of Paul the pounding bass of the bat.And the bay shot flames like the dragons of old.

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