You have just witnessed the calm before the storm

It was calm … it was peaceful … it was beautiful … but in the back of your mind you always felt there was something more. Well men, women, children of all ages …. MORE has arrived! The devious mastermind behind ImStillIll is looking at social media in a whole new way. Freed up some time and resources, began work on some very exciting projects and still manages to go to almost every concert that rolls through the wonderful Salt Lake Valley!

We are going to have some fun here baby! I will discuss in tedious detail what a fabulous day I had, why I am cooler than you because I just got home from a sweet concert, or just a little discussion on the kind person I just met or the awesome yet unnecessary construction traffic jam I just sat it.

(This part could be read in Mel Gibson’s voice from Braveheart if you would like)The ImStillIll 3-6 month hiatus that sometimes has happened in the past is no more! My fans deserve better! those 2 people have really helped me out and I will not let them down! I will be conducting giveaways, personal appearances (I was thinking I could come over to your house and have dinner with you), we could maybe look at cars together some time and I could convey all my automobile wisdom unto you, or you could just come over and take my dogs for a walk or something. The important thing is I AM HERE FOR YOU GUYS! And I am honored that although you lost a bet and had to come read this you followed through on it!

To quote William Wallace “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” Well this blog isn’t going to kill you (unless you have a preexisting condition with your funny bone) and it also isnt going to make you feel you are living the High-Life, but it is something to do from point A to point Z and maybe get a chuckle or two.

I have a few concert reviews and a few other things planned but I would love to provide my devout friends with some movie reviews. Feel free to leave a comment as to a movie you would like reviewed. Also leave a comment on if you got here by QR code … I am curious.

To quote Elvis “Thank you, Thank you very much” ImStillIll has left the building!

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