Where have I been?

Well let me tell you. Lately I have been working on a few freelance projects and once you are done with work and then come home and do more work… well you get sick oh looking at computers. So this one is going to be short. It is my favorite time of the year… the 100 degree weather is gone… it is nice and cool, the leaves are changing and Halloween is coming with Christmas right around the corner. I went to a ski movie 2 weeks ago and am going to another one on Friday… I can’t wait to hit the slopes. Things are going well around here and i will update you more on that some other time.

Quick top 5 that i was talking about earlier

Best concerts…

1. Morrissey’s last concert. It was one for the “Real” fans and i loved it

2. Suprise entry here – Scissor Sisters at club Suede. Became on of my favorite bands of all time after that night.

3.Squeeze at the Palladium (R.I.P.)  Great show, Great friends, fun club… prefect timing. (I would imaging the planets were aligned that night too)

4. Underworld at the Palladium – man they had some great shows there… played the entire underneath the radar and threw in some Fruer songs on top oh it. Top Notch.

5. KISS – This was just fun. I was on the 17th row and my eyebrows jsut about got singed off from the 100 foot flames. Hell Yeah! |..|

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  • Tina Ottley says:

    What…no stone temple pilots? I just can’t understand it? Well I was at the top 2 concerts with you….but missed the last three. Of course I probably wasn’t old enough to get in! I have to agree with Scissor Sisters….such an amazing show. and I would put on my list the psychadelic furs and that other band…that I can’t remember the name of. Not sure if the concert was that amazing but I remember that as one of the happiest times together.
    Love ya,
    Also….I dig the new pumpkin in the banner. You are so talented.

  • Darren says:

    Echo and the Bunnymen… that was a great night

  • Carson says:

    The top 5 concerts you wouldn’t have thought of running into Carson at…

    1. Grateful Dead – Detroit – 94 tour
    2. Ministry and Sepultura – Detroit – 93 tour
    3. Rage Against the Machine, House of Pain and Cypress Hill – Flint, MI -94
    4. Fugazi – 93 – Detroit
    5. James Taylor – 96 – Park City, UT (after the top 4, no way you’d expect to see me there)

    Best concert of all-time…

    Beastie Boys & The Roots – Santa Barbara, CA 1995

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