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A Ledgend Appears in Salt Lake and Shows Why He is a Ledgend

Tonight I saw a legend perform. I don’t really throw that word around a lot, but tonight it hits the nail right on the head.

  1. 29 U.S. #1 singles
  2. He has written over fifty top ten hits
  3. Guinness Book of Records as the most successful composer of all time.

I was very excited for this show. Paul McCartney in his first ever Utah performance. And Perform he did. He isn’t just a singer, He isn’t just an amazing bassist, he isn’t just an amazing song writer, keyboardist or guitarist. At the end of the night you know he is a PERFORMER first and foremost. (and he is loving every minute of it) Paul has no financial worries, nothing to prove, and no real reason he needs to perform other than he loves it. It was very clear by his smile and attitude he was there because he loves performing for all of his fans.

A couple additional facts … He played almost 3 hours. (3 serious hours too) He played bass, guitar, piano, ukulele and sang. He told stories about the songs and times he has had. He kept +25,00 people captivated the entire time … oh yeah, and he is almost 70. I have to be honest here … if i am able to keep 3 people interested for 10 minutes while I eat stewed prunes at 70 well I am going to start wondering where my Emmy Award is.

In today’s day and age of celebrities (and your run of the mill person as well) egos totally out of control … (LeBron and ‘The Decision’, I promise I tried to leave basketball out of this) being so out of control, it was great to see someone just have an absolute blast doing what he does best. I also guessed he would play ‘Yesterday’ as one of the first song for the encore which was just wonderful. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law came with us and we were all blown away by what we had seen. Just an absolutely wonderful night. If he wasn’t already Knighted I would have done it tonight on the queens behalf. He is right up there with Lancelot, Sir Bedivere, and Sir Galahad.

Thanks for giving Utah a shot Paul. WE loved it.

P.S. Those of us awho are a bit taller than the norm … we, or at least I feel bad when I am standing in front of you at a concert. I wish you had eaten more veggies and drank more milk like I had when I was a kid. But I am sorry.
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