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Local area man gives his blog one last chan

So here we are again. So this blog is going to take a turn towards concert reviews, but don’t worry devout fan base (all 3 of you) there will still be plenty of complaining and thoughts on how the world needs to change.

So the last show I went to was an acoustic performance by Gene Loves Jezebel. There were 3 bands that opened and one of them sounded in the relm of Sisters of Mercy. (Nice!) The other 2 quite forgettable except the 2 man band (1 guy yelling and one guy practicing his fine tuned skillz on pressing play on itunes) the singer was hitting himself with a hammer in the head. I am assuming the hammer was from the Nerf construction collection or the guy had a big old honkin metal plate in his head. … ok that has been covered … back to Gene

Michael Aston

Where does he get those wonderful scarves?

So Gene Loves Jezebel is still only touring with one of the Astons which was the same in 2002 when I saw them last in Denver. It was Michael and a guitarist. (His name was Swat or something like that) Anyway the guitarist was really talented although he seemed to try to take over the show. One loud fan (let’s call him Darth Maul) yelled out something along the lines of “It’s Gene Loves Jezebel … not Gene and some DB Guitarist” 🙂

Michaels voice still sounds amazing. One of the songs I really wanted to hear was ‘Cow’ which they played the first song. He played some of the other hits, Desire and heartache but left off some big ones as well. He did get roped into a rendition of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Black Dog’ which was pretty cool. Never would have guessed that was coming up.

All in all it was a fun show and had a great turn out of friends which was great. I would suggest in the future maybe not have the opening band go on after midnight on a Monday since some of us (mainly just the group I was with 😉 ) have jobs and have to get up early for the next day.
“What you get is what you see … Shhhuuu Khaaaa …. Desire!

Where have I been?

Well let me tell you. Lately I have been working on a few freelance projects and once you are done with work and then come home and do more work… well you get sick oh looking at computers. So this one is going to be short. It is my favorite time of the year… the 100 degree weather is gone… it is nice and cool, the leaves are changing and Halloween is coming with Christmas right around the corner. I went to a ski movie 2 weeks ago and am going to another one on Friday… I can’t wait to hit the slopes. Things are going well around here and i will update you more on that some other time.

Quick top 5 that i was talking about earlier

Best concerts…

1. Morrissey’s last concert. It was one for the “Real” fans and i loved it

2. Suprise entry here – Scissor Sisters at club Suede. Became on of my favorite bands of all time after that night.

3.Squeeze at the Palladium (R.I.P.)  Great show, Great friends, fun club… prefect timing. (I would imaging the planets were aligned that night too)

4. Underworld at the Palladium – man they had some great shows there… played the entire underneath the radar and threw in some Fruer songs on top oh it. Top Notch.

5. KISS – This was just fun. I was on the 17th row and my eyebrows jsut about got singed off from the 100 foot flames. Hell Yeah! |..|