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Why does March only come once a year?

MARCH MADNESS! Utes, (I know not this year but still), UNC, Dickie V Baby, Cinderella Story, Kansas, From Way Down Town!, Georgetown, He’s a PTP’er, Villanova, Duke, Dunks that make you jump up off the couch … grab the remote and praise the guy who added the rewind function to live TV, The Teams You Never Heard of Before that make it in (… and then go on to win the first 2 rounds) Man I love March Madness. It is so awesome in fact, it is managing to over shadow whatever stupid press conference that Tiger Woods is holding this week. (I didn’t think that could be done)


High Flyin - Death Defyin

This is the best sporting event there is. (yeah yeah yeah … world cup … global… blah blah blah … go write your own blog post we are talking basketball here) Super Bowl? Not a chance. World Series? I have heard that is still being played. Please nobody udder the words “Datona 500”! College football championship game? I live in Utah people and I feel our opinions on that governing body have been clearly stated. Wrestle Mainia? Ok now I am clearly going off on a tangent.

Kids giving it there all and in some cases a ton more than they ever thought they had in the first place. Where ANY team can be beaten at any time. (although Kansas has less of a chance that happening this year) 64 teams putting everything on the line. No money, just bragging rights for their school, their team and their fans.

Just awesome!

Who are you picking to win it all. (anyone who says BYU is going to get a frowny face next to their name!)

Local Area man confined to walking slow and complaining a lot.

I am pretty sure I am way to old and out of shape to be playing basketball. I played last night and my goodness i AM PAYING THE PRICE TODAY. i can barely walk, my back is jacked up and i am so tired i could sleep the entire day away tomorrow. It sure was fun though playing ball like the olden days with all my homies there. Thanks for coming out.

Local tired area man took and ambien and went to sleep at the crack of 10. Good night.