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Area man has lots of crap on his desk

An empty 7-up can, business cards, (his as well as other peoples) a skymiles card which clearly shows he doesn’t travel a lot for business, 2 tape measures, yeah that was 2 tape measures and believe me if i ever need to measure something they most certainly will not be sitting right there all handy and stuff, a really cool yo-yo, enough firewire cables to make any videographer happy, and last count around 16 billion cds containing … well probably stuff (except the blank ones that are mixed in, 2 half empty water bottles, (I have recently started drinking water for really the first time in my life) an old drivers license with a somewhat less than dashing photo of yours truly, 2 pairs of headphones, a Fallout 3 video game I need to return to Chet, picture frames i need to put pictures in, a dish towel, (not sure how that got here) 2 NCAA basketball tournaments stating that I really know nothing about basketball, 3 lava lamps, (they actually belong here) a bunch of sketches of this that and the other thing, more external hard drives than google, one of those squeezie things to work your forearms out, toenail clippers, a bottle cap, 3 pens that don’t work and a cup of pens that do work, a bottle of excedrine, a flash light, 3 action figures (Captain Caveman, Johnny Quest and Dwayne Wade) and last but not least my Morrissey bobble head. … and if I printed this out and set it on the desk I could add Worst Post Ever to the list.

So just to give you a slightly better idea of how I need to clean my desk of I will paint you a mental picture and then just show you some pictures. So lets say you are an ant. And unfortunately for you you found a ring … a ring to rule them all … and for some reason all the other ants say you have to go on a long journey that could span the length of 3 really long movies. Well the scary, difficult, anguish riddin, spirit breaking scenes could all be shot right here. (Peter Jackson … are you reading this??? My rates are reasonable buddy!)

If anyone is thirsty on this junt nows the time people

I don't know about this ... looking scary!

Many a ant have entered ... none have left. This crap is even scary to write about.

Oh wait there is a flashlight! That will come in handy ... If we were monster ants that could pick up a flash light.

Sorry but i am unable at this time to give you back those two minutes of your life you just wasted. 🙂