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All ya’all can stop holding your breath… that blog has begun

So this is my blog. It will be a place where i post all kinds of awesome things like… me complaining about stuff… reviews on concerts, music, movies, tv shows and if i ever start reading again well i might even throw a little something in about that. Go ahead and subscribe now so down the road you can tell all your friends… “Man, I subscribed to that months (perhaps years) ago.” So now that the blog is totally over hyped I guess it is time to reflect on what i should cover first. I am not going to cover much tonight because it is late and i am finally getting tired so I am going to go to bed. But some of the things to look forward to… my family, the cure – ben folds – berlin and STP concerts i recently attended, my thoughts on why arrested development only lasted 3 seasons, the state of the NBA, why i should be in charge of the Utah department of transportation, why Alta Ski resort rules the earth and all thats in it and last but not least… in this time of the music industry going down the tubes, (thanks American Idol for speeding that process up) why Ben Folds is the shinning star reminding us that music doesn’t have to suck.

Thanks and have a good night.