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Area man beat all odds and made it till Friday

Friday night we rolled up to Park City to do some shopping. It was a well needed getaway. The rest of the weekend looks pretty relaxing. Just what I need.

You Wanted The Best and You Got the Best! The Hottest Band in the World!

The Hottest Band In The World
Smoke as far as the eye can seee. You can feel the tension in the air THE CURTAIN
70 foot drape with an enormous KISS logo in silver tension builds and then it builds a little more and then the draped wall comes down and They Attacked From The Sky
there is leather, spikes, make up, hair, what looks like weapons at first ,,, but upon closer inspection they are the instruments these monsters of rock will use to slay each and every one of us!The Fire   The Heat   The Smoke  The Rock!
And then they unleashed the weapons!
THe Flames Shot Up!     The BASS SHOT OUT!
They were freinds … friends who were lost …     looking to Rock Detroit Rock City!The deranged Knight with AXE in hand!
The screams!     The wailing guitar     the piercing voice of Paul the pounding bass of the bat.And the bay shot flames like the dragons of old.

You have just witnessed the calm before the storm

It was calm … it was peaceful … it was beautiful … but in the back of your mind you always felt there was something more. Well men, women, children of all ages …. MORE has arrived! The devious mastermind behind ImStillIll is looking at social media in a whole new way. Freed up some time and resources, began work on some very exciting projects and still manages to go to almost every concert that rolls through the wonderful Salt Lake Valley!

We are going to have some fun here baby! I will discuss in tedious detail what a fabulous day I had, why I am cooler than you because I just got home from a sweet concert, or just a little discussion on the kind person I just met or the awesome yet unnecessary construction traffic jam I just sat it.

(This part could be read in Mel Gibson’s voice from Braveheart if you would like)The ImStillIll 3-6 month hiatus that sometimes has happened in the past is no more! My fans deserve better! those 2 people have really helped me out and I will not let them down! I will be conducting giveaways, personal appearances (I was thinking I could come over to your house and have dinner with you), we could maybe look at cars together some time and I could convey all my automobile wisdom unto you, or you could just come over and take my dogs for a walk or something. The important thing is I AM HERE FOR YOU GUYS! And I am honored that although you lost a bet and had to come read this you followed through on it!

To quote William Wallace “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” Well this blog isn’t going to kill you (unless you have a preexisting condition with your funny bone) and it also isnt going to make you feel you are living the High-Life, but it is something to do from point A to point Z and maybe get a chuckle or two.

I have a few concert reviews and a few other things planned but I would love to provide my devout friends with some movie reviews. Feel free to leave a comment as to a movie you would like reviewed. Also leave a comment on if you got here by QR code … I am curious.

To quote Elvis “Thank you, Thank you very much” ImStillIll has left the building!

Local area man remembers he has a blog he is supposed to be posting on.

Since October, area man Darren Ottley, has thought there was something like spreading his wisdom to the masses he was supposed to be doing. Unfortunately he couldn’t remember the medium he was supposed to be expressing himself in. After 2 months of yelling through a megaphone from the bell tower at a local strip mall it dawned on him that he had a blog and it would be easier to express himself there and would also be less likely to be harassed by the police everyday.

So I am back and as you can tell I don’t really have a lot to say tonight. I have been thinking a lot about New Years Resolutions lately and maybe I will share some once I have them all figured out. (Yes not climbing bell towers every time a thought enters my head is going to make the list) Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful. Like “Hey Darren ya know how you always chew food with your mouth open??? Well that is irritating so maybe try to work on that.”

It has been a very crazy and fast year for me. My family and I have been very fortunate this year despite the economy and all the other nonsense going on in the world. Maybe I will do a recap of the year as well.
Now that I have you all hooked … hanging on my every word I think I am going to turn in. I need to get some sleep… after all it is New Years Eve tomorrow.

A quick top 5

1. A Sort of Homecoming (the live version on wide awake in America)
2. I Will Follow
3. Love is Blindness
4. Running to Stand Still
5. Bad (The best 8 minutes in radio… also the live version from wide awake)
There are the ones that when they come on I find myself playing over and over and over. Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own just barely missed the cut off and that is because it is on their latest album and the rest of these I have been listening to 15-20 years. But U2 is still making great music and deserve to be the biggest band in the world.



Where did he run off to now?

So a quick update on what has been going on in my world. (I am really tired so this is going to be quick)
We went on a vacation with Troy (my brother-in-law) and Jen (his girlfriend and my co-worker) to Newport Beach where she is from. We stayed with her parents who are some of the nicest people you could meet. It was a nice break from work. We didn’t really have anything planned while we were there which was nice. We went to the beach and did a lot of shopping. Avery was on my shoulders a lot during the trip and i think she really enjoyed being 7’2″ or so.

I think Avery believes she can fly

I think Avery believes she can fly

This weekend my dad and Sherie came into town. It has been a long time since we have seen them since they live in Florida. It was a great time to reconnect with them. They are doing really well down there. Sherie is still teaching and hoping this will be her last year. Dad is doing sales for a company that sales golf carts. They live in a large community where everyone drives golf carts like most places use their cars. It sounds like a perfect place for me since driving golf carts is the only aspect of golf I can do well. We are going to try to get down and see them within the next year… fingers crossed.
While they were here we went to see Grandma and Grandpa Ottley’s old home. Anyone who has known me over the years has probably been there at one time or another. They sold it several years ago to move to somewhere that didn’t require as much upkeep (it is a big and beautiful home up Millcreek canyon) The people who bought it are currently renovating it and it is amazing how much work has been done to it. Although the whole house is now covered in marble and elegant wood work I think it has kind of lost some of the charm that made it Grandma and Grandpa’s house. It was strange being there thinking of all the memories I had there growing up and what a totally different feeling the place has now. Well we still have the memories.
This weekend we also did a ton of work on our house. I really need a 3-day weekend to recover from this last 3-day weekend.
We are taking off a couple of days in 2 weeks to go down to Las Vegas and visit my friend Jeff and his family and meet up with Emily and Dale. (My sister and her husband) We are looking forward to another relaxing break for a few days.
My work has been crazy for a while now… actually since I started there, but we released out financial web portal finally. We have been short handed in the marketing department but it is great to have it finally released and up and running. Check it out and I would love any feed back on the look, functionality or features. Join the community and have a look around.
OK I am going to sleep now. Take care.

I haven’t forgotten about you… I am just a bit lazy

So it has been a while since i posted. So tonight is movie night with my girls. ( except Avery is currently taking a nap) It has been a crazy week at work and we are just going to take it easy tonight. Madison is going to be in town until Sunday and I am soooo excited to have her here. We have some fun plans for the weekend and I will post them later.

Well the Transformers are calling so it is time to wrap this up.

All ya’all can stop holding your breath… that blog has begun

So this is my blog. It will be a place where i post all kinds of awesome things like… me complaining about stuff… reviews on concerts, music, movies, tv shows and if i ever start reading again well i might even throw a little something in about that. Go ahead and subscribe now so down the road you can tell all your friends… “Man, I subscribed to that months (perhaps years) ago.” So now that the blog is totally over hyped I guess it is time to reflect on what i should cover first. I am not going to cover much tonight because it is late and i am finally getting tired so I am going to go to bed. But some of the things to look forward to… my family, the cure – ben folds – berlin and STP concerts i recently attended, my thoughts on why arrested development only lasted 3 seasons, the state of the NBA, why i should be in charge of the Utah department of transportation, why Alta Ski resort rules the earth and all thats in it and last but not least… in this time of the music industry going down the tubes, (thanks American Idol for speeding that process up) why Ben Folds is the shinning star reminding us that music doesn’t have to suck.

Thanks and have a good night.