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Area man reverts back to childhood – as usual

So work has been stressful, family life has been somewhat stressful, our cars are falling apart which is also causing stress, time is flying by like I can’t believe and I am feeling older by the minute, (I don’t have to tell you that is adding to the stress)

While driving home from work to get ready to take Aves to her first soccer game, my mind started to wander back to the care free days of my youth and my first soccer games.

Ever since I was a little kid I have loved animated shows of almost every sort. Waking up at 5 in the morning on Saturday and watching the rainbow lines on the tv forever until the cartoons started was a weekly occurrence. (Why was it so difficult for me to wake up on the weekdays some may ask? Well in all my years of schooling not ONCE did an ACME Anvil fall out of the sky and clobber someone, nobody fell off of a cliff and before they plummeted to the bottom and became a little “POOF” of a cloud, did they suspend themselves in mid air and hold up a sine that said “Yikes!”) If these things were happening at Orem Elementary well you better believe I would have been up at the crack of dawn just dying to get there.

So on to the top 5 list (that will be expanded today to 10)

No. 10 – The Maxx
The Maxx“Quiet loner? Defender of justice in the african outback? Maybe both!”

Maxx first aired on mtv’s liquid television. The story of him being a loner in New York with a crush on his service worker and then instantly switches to her being a Zulu princess in the outback he must protect is great. The animation is wonderful as well.

No. 9 – Wallace and Grommit
Wallace and Gromit!

“More Cheeeeese Gromit!”

I have loved Nick Parks work since my first animation festival and saw “Creature Comforts” (If you haven’t seen it you really should! It even won him an Oscar.) Inventions, detective work, British accents, looking out for your buddy and everybody’s favorite … CHEESE!

No. 8 – Spiderman
“Spiderman, Spiderman does whatever a spider can”

So I guess this one really boils down to I like to swing around on stuff. Now if it happens to be webs that I can shoot out of my wrists (and it makes a cool ‘THWIPPP’ sound …. well all the better. Plus walking up walls, being really strong and being more bendy that that lame guy at the yoga studio all have their advantages.

No. 7 – Green Lantern

Green Lantern!
“Cool ring … Fabulous hair! Perfect”
Not totally sure why Green Lantern becasme one of my favorites. Maybe becasue anytime I put on a ring of any sorts I always thought “This may be the one that gives me super powers. So far the only super power is to take a long story and make it even longer. 🙂

No. 6 – Homestar Runner
HomestarRunner.NET ... It's DOTCOM!

If you know who he is then you know what I am talking about … I you have no idea what I am talking about then you need to go to Go on … I will wait.

No. 5 – Marvin The Martian

You just have to look at this guy to start laughing

Just a funny little guy with big plans and a short temper. His Nemesis coming up.

No.4 Jack Skellington

What's this?

So I always have really enjoyed Tim Burton’s work, but this one took everything to a new level. All the characters are so original and wonderful. This movie (which both of my daughters LOVE… even added a very embarrassing moment to my life. We were at a funeral and Avery asked out loud if she could take OFF her head while standing next to the coffin. There is a part where Jack says and because I am dead I can take off my head and quote Shakespearean quotations.

No3. Jason

Yeah I know I look GOOD in my bird suit!

So every afternoon from probably 2nd to 4th grade it was a mad dash to the TV at 2:30 (i think) to see Battle of the Planets! (or G-Force as we called it) And Jason was the man. Although 2nd in command to Mark he had a hell of a temper and a no-nonsense approach to getting the bad guys. More of a shoot until nothing moves and then fire a few more rockets just because we have rockets. He drove a cool car and had a cool gun to boot. He is right up there with the Duke Boys and Knight Rider as great role models for kids.

No.2 Daffy Duck

He is a jerk, He is funny, he is self-centered and he is just a riot! If Daffy Duck is on well you know where you can find me. It’s wabbit season … It;s duck season.

No. 1- Bullwinkle

Rocky: A thousand dollars to get to Frostbite Falls?
Bullwinkle: You can buy the place for eight dollars cash.

Bullwinkle is funny …. plain and simple slapstick funny. I have bought many of the episodes and literally Laugh Out Loud every time. Timeless wonderful fun for everyone of any age.

Area man has lots of crap on his desk

An empty 7-up can, business cards, (his as well as other peoples) a skymiles card which clearly shows he doesn’t travel a lot for business, 2 tape measures, yeah that was 2 tape measures and believe me if i ever need to measure something they most certainly will not be sitting right there all handy and stuff, a really cool yo-yo, enough firewire cables to make any videographer happy, and last count around 16 billion cds containing … well probably stuff (except the blank ones that are mixed in, 2 half empty water bottles, (I have recently started drinking water for really the first time in my life) an old drivers license with a somewhat less than dashing photo of yours truly, 2 pairs of headphones, a Fallout 3 video game I need to return to Chet, picture frames i need to put pictures in, a dish towel, (not sure how that got here) 2 NCAA basketball tournaments stating that I really know nothing about basketball, 3 lava lamps, (they actually belong here) a bunch of sketches of this that and the other thing, more external hard drives than google, one of those squeezie things to work your forearms out, toenail clippers, a bottle cap, 3 pens that don’t work and a cup of pens that do work, a bottle of excedrine, a flash light, 3 action figures (Captain Caveman, Johnny Quest and Dwayne Wade) and last but not least my Morrissey bobble head. … and if I printed this out and set it on the desk I could add Worst Post Ever to the list.

So just to give you a slightly better idea of how I need to clean my desk of I will paint you a mental picture and then just show you some pictures. So lets say you are an ant. And unfortunately for you you found a ring … a ring to rule them all … and for some reason all the other ants say you have to go on a long journey that could span the length of 3 really long movies. Well the scary, difficult, anguish riddin, spirit breaking scenes could all be shot right here. (Peter Jackson … are you reading this??? My rates are reasonable buddy!)

If anyone is thirsty on this junt nows the time people

I don't know about this ... looking scary!

Many a ant have entered ... none have left. This crap is even scary to write about.

Oh wait there is a flashlight! That will come in handy ... If we were monster ants that could pick up a flash light.

Sorry but i am unable at this time to give you back those two minutes of your life you just wasted. 🙂

Where have I been?

Well let me tell you. Lately I have been working on a few freelance projects and once you are done with work and then come home and do more work… well you get sick oh looking at computers. So this one is going to be short. It is my favorite time of the year… the 100 degree weather is gone… it is nice and cool, the leaves are changing and Halloween is coming with Christmas right around the corner. I went to a ski movie 2 weeks ago and am going to another one on Friday… I can’t wait to hit the slopes. Things are going well around here and i will update you more on that some other time.

Quick top 5 that i was talking about earlier

Best concerts…

1. Morrissey’s last concert. It was one for the “Real” fans and i loved it

2. Suprise entry here – Scissor Sisters at club Suede. Became on of my favorite bands of all time after that night.

3.Squeeze at the Palladium (R.I.P.)  Great show, Great friends, fun club… prefect timing. (I would imaging the planets were aligned that night too)

4. Underworld at the Palladium – man they had some great shows there… played the entire underneath the radar and threw in some Fruer songs on top oh it. Top Notch.

5. KISS – This was just fun. I was on the 17th row and my eyebrows jsut about got singed off from the 100 foot flames. Hell Yeah! |..|

A quick top 5

1. A Sort of Homecoming (the live version on wide awake in America)
2. I Will Follow
3. Love is Blindness
4. Running to Stand Still
5. Bad (The best 8 minutes in radio… also the live version from wide awake)
There are the ones that when they come on I find myself playing over and over and over. Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own just barely missed the cut off and that is because it is on their latest album and the rest of these I have been listening to 15-20 years. But U2 is still making great music and deserve to be the biggest band in the world.



10 or 11 things you may not know

So my wife put a list together of a bunch of things that you may not know about her. I decided to do something simpler.Anyway there will be more coming.
1. I HATE having stickers on me. The “hello my name is…” stickers that you get at the work summer party are unacceptable… I am forced to just walk around and outgoing and introduce myself. Anything sticky in general i dont care for.
2. I have a scar on my head from when I fell through some bleachers when i was 2 years old. I am very thankful i have kept all my awesome hair because I really would go insane explaining to every fool standing behind me in line at the grocery store. Luckily it is usually only girls cutting my hair that ask about it.
3. I, unlike my wife, hate public speaking. I have slightly improvved over the years but I still hate every minute of it.
4. This next one is top secert so keep it on the downlow… Although I wasn’t actually the only white member of Kool and the Gang, I may have let it slip out from time to time. Don’t tell Tina about this because i think it might have been some of the stories from our 87′ world tour that I may or may not been on really made her fall for me. (man those were some good times)
5. I hate country music…. I mean honestly… it’s awful… you know it and i know it. How ever there are 2 exceptions… Johnny Cash and the song ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia’… because they rule!
6. I was born in Newport Beach California. I think had i lived there I would have been an avid surfer. Instead I am an avid skier.
7. I am a bit more of a geek that may come across…. yes the star wars stuff is a pretty good give away but my love for animal planet, discovery channel and the history channel is a dead give away.
8. I have been very fortunate to have remained friends and in contact with most of my closest friends from my childhood.
9. I love Mexican food…. I could eat it three meals a day and be happy as a clam. Let’s here it for smothered burritos!
10. Although i have been in college for close to a hundred years, i only have a bachelors degree. Many bad decisions were made along the way but i finally finished. I couldn’t have done it without Tina. I am thinking about going back for a masters in a year or 2 once i get the desire back.
11. I am horrible at golf. It wasn’t a big deal at first but now i am playing enough that i feel i should be showing some improvement. (stupid game)