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Local area man remembers he has a blog he is supposed to be posting on.

Since October, area man Darren Ottley, has thought there was something like spreading his wisdom to the masses he was supposed to be doing. Unfortunately he couldn’t remember the medium he was supposed to be expressing himself in. After 2 months of yelling through a megaphone from the bell tower at a local strip mall it dawned on him that he had a blog and it would be easier to express himself there and would also be less likely to be harassed by the police everyday.

So I am back and as you can tell I don’t really have a lot to say tonight. I have been thinking a lot about New Years Resolutions lately and maybe I will share some once I have them all figured out. (Yes not climbing bell towers every time a thought enters my head is going to make the list) Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful. Like “Hey Darren ya know how you always chew food with your mouth open??? Well that is irritating so maybe try to work on that.”

It has been a very crazy and fast year for me. My family and I have been very fortunate this year despite the economy and all the other nonsense going on in the world. Maybe I will do a recap of the year as well.
Now that I have you all hooked … hanging on my every word I think I am going to turn in. I need to get some sleep… after all it is New Years Eve tomorrow.

Local Area man confined to walking slow and complaining a lot.

I am pretty sure I am way to old and out of shape to be playing basketball. I played last night and my goodness i AM PAYING THE PRICE TODAY. i can barely walk, my back is jacked up and i am so tired i could sleep the entire day away tomorrow. It sure was fun though playing ball like the olden days with all my homies there. Thanks for coming out.

Local tired area man took and ambien and went to sleep at the crack of 10. Good night.

Since it is my password I think I will go ahead and choose it.

We have all done it. Signed up for some website or something of the sorts. During the process you get to the part where they say ‘enter you password’ so what do you do…. you enter your password. For this example i will use the password ‘hello kitty” so i enter hello Kkitty and guess what??? No go. Your password must contain a number. To which i say no i dont because as you can clearly see there is no number in hello kitty which is my password which i might reinstate is what YOU ASKED FOR! So ya know i really want to get the awesome Star Wars action figure (It is a speederbike with with the Imperial driver… you know you want it too so here we go hell0 kitty -smooth opreator – change the o to a zero. Time to move on. wait MY password is not actually my password still because it needs a capital letter too. (Hell Fire as he shakes his head) Fine i will play your stupid little game you lame website. I will be victorious. ( i open up itunes and start playing Eye of the Tiger… nothing is stopping me now. ) So fine you want a capital you got it… I don’t care any more heLlo kitty and guess what i am in.
Now my question is why do you ask me for my password if you aren’t going to let me enter my password. If you want my password then take it … if you want me to insert a bunch of random crap that I will never remember then ask enter some random crap (hopefully you will remember it or never need it again) me personally i will go through my email and try to track it down. I have a a few passwords and then a bunch of variations that i never remember until i get locked out of the site.
Its my password and they should take it. If someone is stupid enough to use their wifes name Mitzie, or their cats name Mitzie (what a coincidence) or qwerty or 55555 any of these the person deserves to have their identity stolen. Make a good password and sites take the password.

Thanks and have a good night.